Black Desert Online

Anyone interested in Black Desert Online?


It looks like both SiN and DDH will be playing this -- I saw it a while back and it looked cool -- reminded me of a Guild Wars 2 mixed with ArcheAge (without the trade packs and sea warfare, etc.).

I'm hesitant because there are no healing classes in the game, which I feel detracts from both PvP and PvE, since there is no X factor keeping a small group alive while it wrecks people -- instead everyone has to rely on their own healing abilities.

That being said, it still looks decent -- the graphics look great, the combat system looks pretty good. There is open world PvP, and it looks like large sieges, etc.


I think Rel beta or alpha or something tested this game a while back -- but I never heard his thoughts on it.


  • Buy then free-to-play -- hopefully the cash shop isn't stupid.
  • Cool graphics.
  • It's a game and we're all probably bored.
  • Cheap? If you want a 1 day head start, it's $30, 2 days is $50, 4 days is $100 -- plus you get some other items. Not sure what the final price will be once head start is over.


  • It costs money and could suck.
  • No healers.
  • I haven't played it so I don't really know.


I haven't put a lot of time into checking out everything about the game yet, so if someone else has some input to help me, or anyone else make a decision -- feel free to chime in.

For more information:

Posted: 4 years 8 months ago by Spermy #2117968
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I like the idea of no portaling and shit in this game. -- you can zerg one area of the entire world, but can't portal around and zerg everyone.
Posted: 4 years 8 months ago by Nate #2117965
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I'll be playing, hoping to get the game in the next 2 days so I can play the headstart. WOOP I love new MMO releases, and full loot drop, yesssss
Posted: 4 years 8 months ago by james #2117959
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so i got the pre order conq package
Posted: 4 years 8 months ago by james #2117956
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just tried to pre order 3 times with multiple cc's and none work. system seems down. wtf.
Posted: 4 years 8 months ago by Spermy #2117953
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Yeah I think pre-orders end tonight or early tomorrow. And then name reservation is closing on the 27th. I have been informed what server we will be going to. I'll setup a private forum to post it into because I don't know if we're making it public yet.
Posted: 4 years 8 months ago by Rel #2117950
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Also....The name reservation for pre-order holders is possible up until the 27th of February, 08:00 UTC.