Operation Auroria

Auroria releases today, which means that continent is about to be zerged with Oran'Thul. As everyone knows, we are assisting SiNister in acquiring a castle in Auroria -- but they are not the only guilds that we are assisting on both the East and the West. This is going to be a combined effort, and for a few days we need to put feuds and other things aside, and prevent the server from being ruined. We will not be attacking any greens (West) unless attacked first (we will see what Arcadian Guard decides to do), and certain red (East) guilds should be left alone also. After castles have been claimed, things will return to normal.

For more information, check this thread: https://www.saecula.com/forum/archage-priv/2117536-auroria-today-read#2117821