Head Start Ends, Release Begins

After a fairly successful head start weekend, today is the official release day for ArcheAge. Anyone wishing to join us can do so for free by downloading the client and creating an account. http://www.archeagegame.com/en/

We can be found on the Tahyang server, in the west faction (Nuian or Elf).

This being said, we were able to claim a decent amount of land in the area where we wished to place, and also got our house placed on SiN island. We had a guild named IRON place in the same area, but we got a lot of what we wanted, and we will keep an eye out over time and see if we can claim more. In the coming days we will begin to shift around buildings, drop farms, come up with a layout that we want for our housing, and begin to complete housing -- as well as seeing if we can free up any extra space for a few extra 16x16s. For those curious where we have made "base", it is in the very NE corner of Two Crowns, right on the water, just around the corner from Cinderstone.

We have had a decent showing thus far, with around 25 people showing up for head start if I had to estimate. We hope that with the game now being open to all for free that we see many more in the coming days showing up. We are rolling on the Saecula tag, and you can contact me on Nothxu, Dedrater, Spermy, or Plzandthxu in game (I'm generally on Nothxu).