ArcheAge Release

The ArcheAge release date has been announced. September 16th is the official release, with head start beginning the Friday before on September 12th for those who preorder. Open beta starts on Thursday, September 4th. I highly recommend that anyone who hasn't tried it to check it out.

You can also checkout my write-up, at

I will be going around contacting people and trying to take roll call for release -- I know SiN and DDH are both going to be playing, so we may see about some kind of alliance, or merger, depending on our numbers. Over the weekend I will create a private area for me to add a private write-up -- one that will help people get started and formulate our strategy. Myself and Pandastar are working as I write this to come up with our plan of attack.

After checking with other guilds and seeing what their plan is, we will discuss and announce a server. I think they are going to put up a server list tomorrow, but they already announced that the beta servers would be re-purposed as retail servers with the same names at release, so we know at least SOME of the server names currently.

Also, if we end up playing on our own, non-merged tag, I may name us Shadows of Britannia, just for fun.