Operation Auroria

Auroria releases today, which means that continent is about to be zerged with Oran'Thul. As everyone knows, we are assisting SiNister in acquiring a castle in Auroria -- but they are not the only guilds that we are assisting on both the East and the West. This is going to be a combined effort, and for a few days we need to put feuds and other things aside, and prevent the server from being ruined. We will not be attacking any greens (West) unless attacked first (we will see what Arcadian Guard decides to do), and certain red (East) guilds should be left alone also. After castles have been claimed, things will return to normal.

For more information, check this thread: https://www.saecula.com/forum/archage-priv/2117536-auroria-today-read#2117821

First Month Update - ArcheAge

Tomorrow will mark exactly one month since the first day of the ArcheAge head start, and a lot has happened over the course of that month.  We have continued to grow, recruit, and build -- we have made friends, and enemies (mostly enemies), and have even been accused of exploiting and made it to the Tahyang forums.




We successfully made a trade run with our allies in the East, and ran many of our own trade packs all over the world, as well as successfully purchased and built a Merchant ship, and a Galleon (Junk/Cutter).

Our base in Two Crowns has become much more operational over the course of the month -- we were finally able to get buildings moved around and get our Thatched houses and large farms up and working again. We have also began our conquest of a small island, slowly, but surely, we will own it.

Over the next month we plan to push further, acquiring more ships for our fleet, continuing to gear up, and run more successful trade pack runs like our 60 packs in about an hour and a half the other night. Within the month we should see the release of Auroria and new lands opening up in the northern area of the map which should create additional entertainment.

This being said, we we will need to continue recruiting and growing -- we are entering the first month phase which will see a drop in numbers because of the usual first month players who give up after about a month. I finally created a guild crest for actual advertisement, if anyone is interested.

As far as the game in general goes, it continues to be fun -- with a few issues here and there that the company is resolving. Queues are gone, as well as most server character creation restrictions. Server stability still has issues from time to time, but all in all, it is generally not anything to complain about.

For those of you still holding out and haven't checked the game out: http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/

The game is free to download, and free to play, with an optional "Patron" (subscription) package. You can find us on the Tahyang server, on the Western faction (Nuian or Elves). You can also find us on our Teamspeak server -- contact someone for details.

Head Start Ends, Release Begins

After a fairly successful head start weekend, today is the official release day for ArcheAge. Anyone wishing to join us can do so for free by downloading the client and creating an account. http://www.archeagegame.com/en/

We can be found on the Tahyang server, in the west faction (Nuian or Elf).

This being said, we were able to claim a decent amount of land in the area where we wished to place, and also got our house placed on SiN island. We had a guild named IRON place in the same area, but we got a lot of what we wanted, and we will keep an eye out over time and see if we can claim more. In the coming days we will begin to shift around buildings, drop farms, come up with a layout that we want for our housing, and begin to complete housing -- as well as seeing if we can free up any extra space for a few extra 16x16s. For those curious where we have made "base", it is in the very NE corner of Two Crowns, right on the water, just around the corner from Cinderstone.

We have had a decent showing thus far, with around 25 people showing up for head start if I had to estimate. We hope that with the game now being open to all for free that we see many more in the coming days showing up. We are rolling on the Saecula tag, and you can contact me on Nothxu, Dedrater, Spermy, or Plzandthxu in game (I'm generally on Nothxu).

ArcheAge Server: Tahyang

We are rolling on Tahyang, West side. There was a lot of conversation regarding doing this, but we came up with a decent plan. Inquire in the forums for more information.