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God the formatting went to shit on a lot of things when I updated to the newest Vanilla (that link). Not going to fix it, working on a more professional looking site on the side.

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Do you guys still got an IRC chat or is that ancient technology these days? I wouldnt mind getting into a good pvp RPG, but until this december time will be extremely tight. I've thought about you guys over the years and miss the UO days. But I wouldn't mind trying to find some time to play an MMORPG with you guys if you are still in any. Some of you might remember me, most probably don't. Any chat rooms these days Spermy?

BTW, the extra B is because I apparently made a ProdigySoB account on this some years ago and have no idea what the password is.

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I can reset the password to your other account if you want -- or I could just change it to whatever yours is by logging into the the DB. I'll just do that, I'll set the PW on that account to whatever the PW is for this account with the 2 B's.

As for IRC, yeah, we abandoned that quite a while back. Me and Vidmaster chilled in IRC for a long time after everyone stopped coming around, but then even we stopped. I wonder if anyone does still go there -- I think we were on FEFNet last -- I wonder if that server even still exists. I wonder if any of the other guilds still use IRC. I think we all kind of gave up on it.

We usually just chat via this board, or sometimes on Steam (I have a lot of SOB people added on Steam). I have a lot of people on Battle.net also, but we haven't had a public room for people to join in a while. We also have a TeamSpeak (ts.saecula.com) -- but it isn't very busy right now since I'm the only one in the ArcheAge alpha, and a few of us were playing WildStar with DDH, but I'm not sure if anyone still is.

And yeah still game, our numbers bounce around a lot these days -- currently they've been low since we stopped playing WoW, but I'm going to recruit for ArcheAge, and I expect people who haven't gamed with us in a long time to show up for it too -- I mean, you showed up, so I kind of made my point there.

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Sperry. Archeage looks great but what is your honest opinion. I'm tempted to play because it looks great but I'm sick of hopping on an mmo and it clearing out a month later.

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TL;DR -- Lots of potential, I'd say yes that it will be a good game. Not a WoW killer, but if you enjoyed UO, then you'll have some fun here. It's like UO + GuildWars2 +the Sims, with a bit of WoW and Shadowbane mixed in. Maybe some DAoC. I'm willing to let people download and try it out on my account if they wish since I only play a couple hours a day lately (if that). Beta starts on Thursday, but I don't know anyone who got in (besides myself, but I don't really count because all the alpha people get in beta automatically).

ArcheAge is really different than what you're used to. It is a lot like UO, in the sense that you can do all kinds of other stuff and not kill a monster or deal with another player for weeks if you didn't want to.

I've been too busy to quest, so I've literally been growing trees for about 2 weeks to build my houses and got 10 levels from that. (I just finally started leveling again and went into the PvP zones, but right then the server crashed.)

My honest opinion is that it isn't for everyone. It is nothing like WoW, or WildStar really. There is gear, the gear is colored with set bonuses etc like all games started to do around WoW time. There are raids, and dungeons, with decent gear, but currently I believe the best gear is still crafted. The biggest premise of the game really is trading. Creating packages, and trading them for special items -- which forces people to go into PvP zones and risk dying to pirates (the equivalent of "reds" in UO).

People who don't like PvP and want more of a PvE based game like WoW won't enjoy it as much. There is PvE, and they're adding more and more -- trying to get raids going etc. -- and they actually have some ideas -- I hear the WildStar encounters are cool, but this has been the first game I've played since WoW where the bosses had actually decent mechanics and weren't just tank and spank fights. They still need work, but they aren't half bad considering they just started adding that stuff to make it more "westernized".

The best way I can explain the game, is it's like The Sims, meets UO, meets WoW and DAoC. With a touch of Shadowbane -- since you can siege castles if you claim land and build a castle.

PvP is fun, and you can kill other players of your own faction (you can go to trial for this and eventually could become "red", which is good if you have a big enough guild to fend for yourselves. You can level off of it easily -- the normal quests I do right now at 40 (theyre level 30ish quests though) give me about 2-3k per quest. 1 kill in PvP is about 2-3k, an assist is worth about 700xp. You won't encounter PvP until about 30 though. There are honor pts so you can buy shit -- but so far those items just seem okay. For those who wish to go into PvP zones to level without risk (you can level by farming, more slowly, after you hit 30) the zones go through peaceful phases. They will be open PvP for basically anywhere from 6-14 hours (it depends on how much killing is happening. More death = faster the zones goes to war and the faster a "truce" will happen and PvP in that zone will stop) -- during the truce, people can quest without worry. Only during certain phases can you kill people of your own faction also. Unless you are a "red".

The housing is cool. Not as fun as UO housing was, but still cool. They have it restricted to specific areas though, which kind of sucks. I wish it was more like UO housing where the placement was a little more random. Instead you basically walk into giant neighborhoods.

I'll go into more detail and do a cool write up this weekend maybe.

In the end, I think it will be fun -- I've had a good time, and I have been playing by myself. I've never grouped with another person, I'm not in a guild -- I do everything on my own. Even with a small group of people I think it could be a lot of fun. There is A LOT of random stuff to do. And things to build -- and sail around and shit. They have a lot of good ideas they are going to implement and it's more free-form and sandbox than any other game right now. It has a lot of potential, and it isn't as buggy as other hopefuls that have come out in the past (AoC). Plus, it will be free to play. You can't own land if you are F2P, but, I'll be paying for it, and I'll set my land to be able to be used by friends and guild.

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Also. So far I have yet to find a way to macro stuff (skill raise based on xp, not use like in UO, but I still feel like macroing could somehow work in the game.) -- buuuuuuut the game actually detects shit like AutoIt and AutoHotkey. I bet it would work, if you compiled the macros into executable though.

This will make Nate sad.