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<p>Many of you probably already know about WildStar — I had not taken the time to make any posts about it because I had not tried it, mostly on account of the fact that I have never really liked NCSoft as a publisher. Some people have tried it and really enjoyed it, and I know DDH has chosen to make this their next MMO of choice (over ESO). So it may be worth taking a look at — at first glance it se…</p>

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Didn't want to play this but thought it would have been done better.

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Did you actually try it out? I don't really have interest in it either, but figure I should try it -- so I signed up for the beta finally. It seems like there are a lot of mixed reviews on it, but so does ESO. Some people love it, others think it's terrible -- as I've said, it just seems too much like an exact WoW replica. ESO has WoW-ish elements, but it's enough different.

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I have actually seen better reviews for ESO lately and ESO PVP blows arenas/40v40 out of the water any day....wonder what DDH is thinking?? I played quit a bit of ESO PVP this past time and I think it may end up being the best we have seen in a long time.

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I think ESO is using a different in-house setup than they have shown in the betas so far too. Because when I see the developers videos and stuff, the animations and graphics are a lot better than what we've seen in the beta so far (and I'm running everything on ultra). So I'm guessing that is what we are going to see, and they just haven't released that to the public yet, or they're saving it for open beta. So I'm expecting a lot of changes in the next month.

And yeah, the videos, and the little bit of PvP I got to do (despite my class being terrible at PvP) were pretty awesome.

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Also, in regards to DDH, I think they may be focusing a bit more on PvE than PvP currently. They've been setting up raid groups and setting up a points system or something for raid loot, which is probably why they're choosing Wildstar -- it basically has a WoW loot system already established, and WoW-like end game. Most of us have yet to see what sort of end game PvE ESO will have. We know the PvP will be good at least.