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Just stopping in to say hello to anyone who remembers me from a ridiculous amount of time ago. We had many good times in Warcraft 2 and Ultima Online. I have 3 kids and play World of Warcraft occasionally, but don't plan to play any other games at this point. Gotta retire first so I can game more! I'm glad the web site still exists and is updated occasionally. Hope you all are doing well and having fun. -- LeMaitre

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4 years 3 months ago #2117997

Sup Lem! Good to hear from ya. And yeah we remember you -- BB was actually just asking about you on Thursday or Friday. I'll let him know that you dropped by the forums.

We try and still game from time to time, but for the most part we have calmed down too. Most of us don't have time to really play hardcore or anything -- but we try to make a point to hop in games from time to time and continue to represent good old SOB. I tend to neglect the site from time to time, but we try to update every now and again.

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hi lem! long ass time, kast and i were just chatting about the old times.