emo Elder Scrolls?

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Ain't shit else to do right now!
Sup man, what have you been up to?

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Not a whole lot, I'm playing on a WoW 1.12.1 server called Nostalrius. So far there's 6500+ people on during peak hours and it always has 2500+ online. Pretty sure that's triple an old WoW server cap back in the day. It's more than a month old and a server that was competition released a week ago, the population has only gone up lol. You should check it out, pretty legit, they're even releasing content in the same order Blizzard did. A guild already cleared Ony/MC so BWL will be out next month, can see the progression sheet on their forums en.nostalrius.org/ and a direct link to progression forum.nostalrius.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=4

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Nice. I'll check it out -- I haven't played on a free WoW shard in forever. We played on one with some custom rules and full loot a while back that was pretty cool, but, it inevitably fell apart. Currently playing ArcheAge and ESO, with the little bit of free time I have, but, might as well check it out -- there aren't any new games on the horizon till 2016 I'm pretty sure.

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Yeah, there's not a great selection of games to play right now. I've played some Arma 3 Overpoch lately, can't seem to want to play League of Legends anymore. I was going to try Archage a few months ago, but I ended up seeing how it limits what you can do in a certain span of time, not my type of thing. I'm on the server with my friend Amonos, that's about it. Candybar is in police academy, has a daughter now. Chad wouldn't speak with me most of the time I'd message him, and I haven't spoken with Dpizzle or Dargal for around three years now.

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I talk to Chad now and then, but he doesn't seem to reply much lately. I'll see him playing D3 when I hop on Bnet early in the morning. I think he's AFK half the time. I still talk to a lot of the people from WoW back in the day -- they'll randomly show up from time to time. As for ArcheAge, it is/was okay, but to really enjoy it you definitely have to sub -- they kind of screwed up with the way they did things and focused WAAAAAY too much on the real money marketplace, rather than the game itself. It could have been pretty fun. --then since ESO went free, and I already had the game, I just decided to play around on it, since all I was doing in ArcheAge was AFKing inside my house, and growing shit anymore. I'll install WoW tonight or tomorrow and check out that server over the weekend. Probably will take me a while to level up since I don't have tons of time.