emo Tabula Rasa Beta

11 years 5 months ago #23532

I just got my beta acct 2 weeks ago and didnt even notice it cause it was titled NCSoft something or other... heh.

Downloaded it yesterday and played the rest of the day. It's pretty cool. The NDA is lifted. Its kinda like a mesh of rpg and fps. You still target things, but your accuracy, damage dealt and damage taken are all effected by your movement and positioning. For instance, you can crouch behind a wall of sandbags for full cover and recieve -75% damage. Weapons have accuracy ranges too, so you cant like, snipe people from 50m with a shotgun or pistol, but you can from even further with a rifle.

The clone system is pretty sweet too, every time you make it to another "tier" of classes available to you, you can clone yourself so one of your clones stays at the same level, then you pick your next archetype, and if you dont like it or want to play something else, hop on your clone and have it pick the other option. Can do that every time you reach a class choice, so you don't have to replay the same levels or classes over and over for different characters.

I haven't looked into it much, but there are supposed to be different PvP types too. You can do clan wars and set certain limitations based on level and number of kills to win etc, or do smaller duels etc. that take place in the game world. Theyre talking about instanced arenas as well.

I'm thinking about preordering, Vid u gonna play release?