emo H.K.O.

10 years 2 months ago #25338

During a night of dicking around in Guild Wars, my girlfriends brother made a Hello Kitty Online reference. One thing led to another and I conducted a full investigation of this fabled MMO in all its glory.

It's serious business. I'm considering signing up to check it out.


10 years 2 months ago #48515

You've never heard of Hello Kitty Online Adventure? It was an ongoing joke way back in the day that SOB was going to quit whatever game we were playing at the time to play Hello Kitty, haha. I bet the PvP is stellar! Better than WoW! Though I haven't tried any new WoW PvP yet. Regardless, I'd play Hello Kitty, haha.

10 years 2 months ago #48517

Thats because all of you are gay!

10 years 2 months ago #48547

I hate you.

10 years 2 months ago #48646

I knew of the joke, but I never actually thought it existed. Not gonna lie though, the game looks like its got some fuckin depth to it.

10 years 2 months ago #48648

Does it has PvP?!