emo BDO pros (post stuff to convince people to play)

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No recalling or portaling, making it harder to zerg people when you kill their boyfriends. -- there are mounts though, and "auto pathing" so you can tell you dude to go somewhere, then go jack it for a while then you'll be there.

1 set of gear you can share between your characters that you upgrade.

Houses that you don't have to fight over to grow corn on.

Cool crafting system that I can't even begin to explain or my face will explode.

PvP. Possibly full loot or at least partial loot or something.

Guilds are able to set war on other guilds.

Boats and hoes, with bigger boats and probably bigger hoes coming.

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Adding my conversation with Falst since it answers a lot of questions:

Falst: so sell me on this game
Falst: how did you convince ryan so quickly? lol

Spermy[SOB]: haha, damnit. I don't like to after how much AA failed me. But I'll tell you what I know and what sounds good/bad. -- oh is Ryan going to actually play now? He was on the fence -- they just have some pretty decent ideas...
Spermy[SOB]: So to me it sounds like a mix of like AA, Diablo, and Guild Wars.

Falst: i duno we both Love Blade and soul so far

Spermy[SOB]: Some key things: There is no recalling or portaling -- you walk everywhere. Or ride your mount obviously. Good and bad -- no easy travel, but also makes it so you can't get raped by zergs portaling in to wipe you out.

Falst: well, just be a zerg of mounts.. but decent.. thats ok / bad
Falst: is it a PVP game? or PVE?
Falst: or both

Spermy[SOB]: Gear in the game is basically 1 set, that you work to upgrade -- rather than constantly raiding for new gear, you get 1 set, it doesn't bind, you can use it on your other chars -- no level requirement to it. But apparently it takes considerable work to get the upgrades going on it.

Falst: Thats kinda like blade and soul... you just "Feed it" then it upgrades.. is a level req / class.. but yeah

Spermy[SOB]: Supposed to be more PvP than PvE. Starting off it definitely sounds more PvP, but in 6 months they're supposed to release the first big addition, which I guess adds more raids -- right now the way PvE works is some small dungeons, and kind of Diablo-esque for PvE and gear.

Falst: K, not bad so far
Falst: Ryan needs a new PC for that game :P
Falst: lol

Spermy[SOB]: IE, you kill certain mobs -- they drop gear, you grind them out. Sometimes you'll get a boss scroll to drop -- the boss scroll is just that, it will summon a boss. Some of them can be solo'd, like in Diablo -- but its best to get your friends together for it because when it dies, everyone gets loot. So that's kind of Diablo like imo.

Falst: not bad
Falst: have you done the beta?

Spermy[SOB]: To get the best gear, you have to "know" your enemies too. -- the more you kill a certain enemy type, you knowledge goes up till you reach "S" rank. That's where the best loot drops.

Falst: is PVE like WOW / DAoC? etc
Falst: PVP
Falst: rather

Spermy[SOB]: No, I missed it. I'm getting all my info second hand from ppl who played it. And from sites.
Spermy[SOB]: PvP is open world, they might add arenas and BGs, but currently its open world -- there are safe zones, and no killing in towns etc. -- basically when you are out in the "frontier" or whatever you can be killed. But there are pros and cons.
Spermy[SOB]: There is a karma system, if you are in the frontier killing ppl who aren't "flagged" for pvp, you take a karma hit, too much karma and guards in towns will hate you etc. -- if ppl are flagged for PvP, or attack you, etc -- you can kill them freely.

Falst: you gonna try out blade and soul? when is this game out

Spermy[SOB]: Or if your guild has declared war on another guild, you can kill that guild freely.
Spermy[SOB]: I played for a bit the other day. But then it crashed on me. Lol. I made a Destroyer with huge boobs.

Falst: hah

Spermy[SOB]: This game releases on March 3rd. So a week.

Falst: Not bad
Falst: what are the packages?
Falst: Leveling easy? or ... wha
Falst: ive spent 50 bux on something worse.. so ill prob pick it up.. maybe... :P

Spermy[SOB]: What else. There are boats and shit. Fishing, etc. like that too. The crafting system sounds intricate and unique due to contribution points.
Spermy[SOB]: The packages available now for retail are $30 and $50. I think one comes with a mount basically and the other doesn't. Those are the big differences. lol.

Falst: well, if the mount is how you get around in the game.. lol
Falst: i watched like 1 min of the video
Falst: looked neat

Spermy[SOB]: I read that leveling was pretty easy. Best way to level is to grind, but, if you grind you'll have to go back and quest because the quests are how you upgrade your pack space, and how you get contribution points -- which are used to own a house, or invest in a node for crafting.
Spermy[SOB]: Yeah, plus I dont think you can just buy a mount from an NPC, you have to tame them -- you could buy them from the AH from someone who tamed something though I believe.
Spermy[SOB]: The combat system is done with combos and stuff too. Apparently for example one of the best classes is the Sorceress, but, its also the most difficult to play because it has the hardest combos to master.

Falst: basically like blade and soul then
Falst: where positioning / action execution matter.

Spermy[SOB]: Yeah, I didnt get far enough to try and combos, but I saw they had combos.
Spermy[SOB]: Yeah. You physically do more damage attacking from behind, or on a knocked down enemy in BDO

Falst: i have like.. a 7 button move that does like 20k hps... but its a pain to get lol

Spermy[SOB]: You can also pick up enemies and throw them as some classes, etc.

Falst: so, they are bringing the Terra type shit into it
Falst: where you need skill to do shit lol

Spermy[SOB]: Weapon types are set, but will be expanded upon in the first big update. IE, Warrior is Sword and Board only -- you upgrade that sword and board. In the first big update you'll be able to do sword and board, or 2h greatsword.

Spermy[SOB]: Yeah, there are skill points too. I havent read enough about them to know exactly how they work -- so not every person will be the same depending on how they invest their pts. I havent looked up templates or anything quite yet.

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There are also Guild Halls and Castles (I guess, dont know how Castles work). Guild halls are limited in number, and I assume the castles are also.

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one thing to note, you can macro. it seems that most of the basic things we'll be macroing while working or doing things. you might not be able to macro everything, but the things you can def help out. sell the macro!

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yeah ill set up some macros for ppl. -- looks like it will all be dumb stuff like walking. or eating food.

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