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I know you are all excited to rush for 50, but unless you just MUST race to be the very first 50 (and how would you know?) then make alts as soon as you start playing.

I plan to make my alts and take them to the point where you see the skill trainer in Olvia, yes, all six, and then start my main.

Alts earn energy while you aren't logged into them. So long as they are level 4, you can even swap to them without logging out.

Alts share the energy max cap of your main, but each has their own energy pool, but they share everything else, since they are all in your family. This means you can use their energy for node investment, worker purchase, whatever, because almost everything is shared between characters in the same family.

Do yourself a service and make alts, you can leave them in Olvia till you decide where they are needed to be parked, but make them and let them start collecting energy. Then every so often swap to them and use the energy for node investment if nothing else so it doesn't sit capped.

About Alts -

Offline energy regeneration is 1 per 30 minutes.
Online energy regeneration is 1 per 3 minutes, unless you lay in a bed in a residence while online, in which case it is 1 per minute.

A character has to be level 4 to use the quick character switch interface to avoid logging-out/logging-in.

The alts can be different classes or the same class

All characters in one account share the same max cap for energy and Contribution points.

All characters share the same current and max values for contribution points. If your main is 5/50, then all of your alts will also be 5/50.

Each character has its own independent current energy value, and share the same max cap. So you could have your main with 4/60, and alts with 0/60, 60/60, and any other value of x/60. But all would share a max cap of 60.

There is a quick switch interface that allows you to switch from one character to an alt, bypassing the logout/login sequence, but it only works with characters level 4 or higher.

All characters on the account share the same knowledge, map and quest history, other than the tutorial quest, which is individual to each character.

All characters on the same account share mounts, pets, vehicles, nodes, houses, and all warehouses.

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I found the following informative:

I got to 50 in 3 hours using this information. Thanks!