emo Saecula

9 years 7 months ago #41656

I'm Currently runing the tag on "Garithos" I talked to spermy about it a while back. Using my 80 DK named Hermies if anyone wants in we're just fledgling atm but we'll get there. Me and my GF are playing pretty consistently so check it out if your interested.

9 years 4 months ago #70231

I'm on Ner'Zhul with Killcrack... I'm still playing on my druid Bomani. Killcrack has 2 decked out paladins and a DK at 80 as well.

I miss you fuckers.

9 years 4 months ago #71271

You still playing Moura? Ryan (Fleece) just got me to reactivate. The fgt! Seeing who is still around. We are still on Stormscale. My druid is somewhere tho, I forget the server name -- Raskaz moved em.

And hello Jake. I miss you.


9 years 4 months ago #71272

Awww, nm. Looks like you quit Moura! No updates on your guy in about a month. :(

9 years 3 months ago #73929

homo's.. just started a trial account on some new server today,, but of course, first day back and the servers go down, and now i cant donwload the new patch, since they block p2p out here, ,so someone upload it !!!!!