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Hey Guys,

I really do not want to see the guild fold. I know that once Spermy gets back, several of the people who have left will be back, but no matter what I'd like to see the guild refocus some and be more of a guild rather than a guildchat.

Saecula, and all of us in the guild, at one time or another, was known as being a great PvP guild that had fun. We didn't require people to play 24 hours a day, but when we were on, we were having fun.

I believe the guild should be focusing on the following:

1. Get the newbs up to speed. Lets help get everyone to revered status, get em some decent gear, help em with their specs, etc. Its boring, I know, but we need to be more of that type of guild that helps each other, and less elite.

2. PvP more. Its simple, create premades. If people don't want to come, find people NOT in our guild and get em in the our weekend Fri, Sat, Sun premades. Recruit these puggers if they are any good. We need people that love to pvp, and not those that just do it for the rewards.

Beyond battlegrounds, I'd like to see the pirate attacks we did in the past and other fun events that get us together for a lil while and make us feel like we are part of a guild.

3. Heroics. Lots of people in the guild need better gear, lets do nightly Heroics, EVERYONE needs to do them without exception.

4. Work towards recruiting people that don't just fill a role we need today, but people that fit our guild. People that will follow us game to game.. preferably people who are mellow and have a good time.

in my opinion, we do those 4 things and sprinkle a lil patience on top and Saecula grows and everyone is happy.

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Our friend is back down in TX, and I'm caught up on my homework, so I'm back! I'll be on tonight and plan on getting a late night kara group together.

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We don't have the right people for Kara right now. I suggest getting some heroics done.

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WoW is officially dead... end discussion.

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yep. i r teh dead. but so is teh wowsers