emo SWTOR...

8 years 8 months ago #114859

I like pickles.

8 years 8 months ago #115408

Played the sage to 50...have to say class is awesome for dps and heals both. all 3 trees are valid and with companions you can level decent even spec'd healing ( gear the shit out of your companion though) from what i've read and heard inquisitor is the same.

Best thing about this game hands down is the class stories. Each world has it's own mini story but every class (4 base ones not advanced) have a storyline each different from the other. Classic star wars too.

Build we were just playing ended and sometime this week we'll be starting a new build going to play a different class not sure what yet though. Played sentinel/guardian till 18 and smuggler till 16. Thinking of trying a trooper or maybe sith side this time. Feedback on trooper is that it is by far the most fun class to play so thinking of saving that one for release maybe.

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I am really wanting to play scoundrel, probably heal spec'd. How was smuggler? Also, you have a friend invite? :D

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if i get on i'll hook you up. Scoundrels awesome. storyline is amazing. i didn't want to play to much because i know thats going to be one of my classes come final. Heal spec is pretty tight. Scoundrels get a shotgun in one hand and a pistol in the other all close range damage. and your first companion has a grappling hook that brings guys in so you can get up close and kick them in the nuts then shotgun them in the back.

neat thing about respec'ing in this game is that its on a weekly timer. the more you respec in any given week the more it costs but after that week it resets back down. so for my sage i was constantly respecing (between heals and dps)and with money in this game being easily obtainable it was no problem.

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In for testing this weekend. >.< w00t. What squadron you in gromph?

8 years 7 months ago #117120

You just in for the beta test weekend? or for the full test? if beta test weekend your on a different server i think.

Although i'm noticing they are adding a whole wack of people lately and daily.