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So i was able to get in for a bit tonight, character creation was a bit confusing but I made some dude and jumped in. About 20 different hairstyles etc to choose from.

I was dropped in the middle of some city and the world looks pretty good, saw and heard a thunderstorm, that was cool. Still something wrong when I move my mouse around quickly, seems to slow down.

Went out to kill some pigs and a pig killed me, I still (10 minutes later) have not regained my health and I cannot seem to rest.

Controls, movement, view everything, just think Darkfall.

I was able to interact with the bank guy and had 50 slots for storing stuff.

Appears in order to craft stuff you gather your materials, go stand by the table of whatever it is you want to craft and then push "r", I think then you can choose what to craft based on your skill.

Trying to kill a rabbit but it seems to be stuck ATM., NVM Im a noob.

Sound and look of the storm is pretty cool.

Oh ya when attacking animals they actually run from you, so you have to chase them and you tire quickly.

Unlike Darkfall this game actually has things to kill in it, so far I have seen pigs and weasels, and quite a few of them.

Birds flying in the sky also look cool.

Ok, I figured out how to rest.

Finally killed a rabbit, got some fur and some bones.

Unlike DF you do not drop everything when an animal kills you, unlike AOC it appears you can go anywhere you want to.

I see a weasel flying in the sky...hmmm.

So its nighttime and I am standing next to a torch, area around me is lite up and torch looks pretty realistic, sparks coming off the flame, looks like the paid attention to some details at least in areas. Game certainly is not finished but it looks like they did some nice things with it. Looks like servers are down so its off to bed.

Its not WOW, more like DF, but it looks like the world will be much more populated with things. Did not see any quests, so do not know if there are any.

Im sure I missed a lot, things appear to be confusing but i'm sure if I knew what I was doing they would not be. I'll leave some more notes after I play a bit more.

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This is the greatest post i have ever read on these forums.

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That game was fucking gay