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12 years 1 month ago #7597

Here is my current spec at level 66. It has changed quite a bit during the leveling process, but it has always been geared to a AOE grinding spec. I usually duo with a ToS and have been joining some large aoe grind groups so I might modify slightly, but for now it works great solo or grouped.


If I am soloing I usually cast EoL, or let the first mob hit me which with the spec procs EoL. After I have rounded all my AOE pack up I will cast Wave of Life, with Purification of Mitra it casts a Holy DoT 4 meters out which helps get the dmg going. After that I will cast Cleansing Fire, Rebuke and then Repulse. After I Repulse if they are not dead I will target the farthest away mob and keep my body in a column to all the knocked down mobs and cast Lance of Mitra. With this spec it will AOE all mobs in the column and give you direct heal. If Radiance is up I usually finish with that instead of Lance.

In groups you have no need for all of the above so I usually just get my dot going with Wave of Life and do Cleansing Fire, Rebuke and toss radiance and repulse when needed.

If you have any questions just let me know man.

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Now for skill points.

I have a huge stockpile.

I max out casting concentration every level. I have a few points in climbing so I can actually manipulate ladders, etc.

What else is priority for AOE grinding? I was thinking in order of importance:

Concentration/Renew Mana/Mana Attractor

After that I'm clueless.

Any suggestions. And/or what did you do?

12 years 1 month ago #30493

I don't use mana attractor at all. Its a "chance" at regening double the amount of mana. The jury is still out on renew mana, but without it I can't chain pull when I AOE grind. I usually never have to rest, because I always use water, its cheap and awesome 1 hour buff. Run is good for pvp and just getting around slightly faster until you get a mount. So, in essence all I really care about is casting concentration and renew mana at this point. I'm waiting for more info to come out about passive out of combat regen, regen while resting and in-combat regen before I change my skill point allocation.

12 years 1 month ago #30546

I have renew mana & mana attractor near full and go from empty mana to full mana in about 3 or 4 ticks while resting.

12 years 1 month ago #30582

I would put more into it, but I rarely ever find myself needing to rest for mana. If it didn't require rest I would def keep them maxed out. In pvp your mana gets tapped extremely quick so I will be using a lot of mana renewal feats in my build for pve and pvp.

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Bear shaman sucks compared to the other 2 priest!