• ArcheAge Public Write-Up

    Updated 8/28 What is this? Over the course of the next week I will be working on an in-depth public ArcheAge write-up. It will contain general information about the game, my thoughts, among other aspects. I will additionally be writing a separate article for private use that will contain tips and ideas that we have formulated on the Alpha servers, that we feel might give us an advantage in the early stages of the game upon release.

    I will be adding images to the write-up in due time. In the mean time, feel free to browse our ArcheAge gallery (, or check our YouTube channel for ArcheAge videos (I will be adding these soon) --

    Also, please feel free to add comments on something you would like added, or discussed in this write-up, and I will be happy to add it. The point of this article is to make people more aware of the game so boost numbers, and help those who are already interested, as it already has a decent learning curve.

    Much of the information contained within can be found at:

    What is ArcheAge?

    For those of you just joining in, I'll give a quick description of ArcheAge, before delving into more specific details -- ArcheAge is described as a "sand park" MMORPG. "Sand Park" is a mix between a "sandbox" (more freedom) game, and a "theme park" (more linear) game. Ultima Online was an example of a sandbox MMO, while World of Warcraft is a more linear theme park MMO. ArcheAge contains both aspects of these games -- there is freedom to do random things -- such as kill your own faction, become a pirate ("red" from UO), build a house, sail around on a boat, among other things -- these items, along with the 150 "classes" are what add the sandbox aspect to the game. The theme park attributes come in the form of levels, scripted PvE dungeons, linear quest lines much like WoW, set areas to build -- the kinds of things you find in most modern MMOs ever since the release of WoW.

    The Specifics - Characters and Leveling

    • Races and Factions
      • There are currently only 4 races, and 2 factions (technically, I will explain this later) existing in ArcheAge. There are 2 races close to being added (the Dwarves and the Warborn), but they have not been added yet. There are two other races being added significantly further in the future (Fairies, and The Returned -- few details on them currently). The two factions are simply referred to as the East and the West. The East faction contains the Firrans, and the Harani, while the West contains the Elves and the Nuian. Currently, I have favored the western faction even though there are some aspects of the East that are better at times (easier rune weapon access at the start), but there are other reasons that I slightly favor them. Each race does have a race specific skill/bonus, though currently none are that great. Elves and Harani are the best (Harani gather slightly faster, but still, that means little at later levels), Elves can swim slightly faster than others, and remain underwater 20 seconds longer. The other two races have very pointless race bonuses that need to be reworked, so I will not even bother with mentioning them.
    • Leveling
      • Leveling in ArcheAge is very similar to any game you have played in the last decade. There are currently 50 levels, at each level you gain health, mana, and attributes (added automatically), and on specified levels, you are given a skill point to spend on one of your skill trees. Leveling works on experience points, like most other games, which can be acquired through questing, grinding, gathering (uses labor points, which will be discussed later), crafting (also uses labor points), or other activities that use labor points. The grind on the game so far is pretty quick, I would estimate that if I went all out, and used some of the tactics we have formulated on the alpha servers (assuming they are not changed for the retail release), that I would level from 1-50 in the first 24 hours of release -- pending server crashes, and other unforeseeable issues.
    • Classes/Class Points/Skills
      • There are currently 150 possible class combinations, which can be seen at A class is created when you have selected your 3 skill trees. You choose your first skill tree at character creation, you second skill tree at level 5, and your third skill tree at level 10. There are a total of 10 skill trees, all of which can also be read about at the previous URL. Skill trees level with a characters level itself (until level 50, at which time skills will continue to level up to 50, independent of the fact your level is maxed) and all XP you acquire goes to both leveling the character, and its skills. It is possible to level all 10 skill lines to 50 (you get a title that gives you actual attribute bonuses, 3% reduced mana costs, called "ArcheMaster") by switching out your skills and continuing to level them, after reaching 50. There are numerous ways to do this, besides the standard grind. There are items called "Experia <insert name of something you grow here>" -- IE "Experia Pine Tree Patch" or something along those lines -- it's basically an item you farm, that grows, and when you harvest it, you get a lot of experience. You can level your skills after hitting 50 this way, rather than grinding quests -- you can ONLY harvest Experia patches once you are 50. Skills CAN be reset and changed around as many times as you like, for a small fee -- currently, I've never had to pay more than like 1 gold 6 silver to change a skill -- at lower level, this is a lot, but once you get money rolling in, it is a joke. You must visit a specific NPC to change your skills (you cannot do it on the fly). When you change a skill, the old one retains its level, but the new one you pick up will start at level 10. It is somewhat important to quickly figure out your 3 skills you really like, and keep them until level 50 before starting to change them up -- having 3 skills maxed at 50 is a big help at level 50.

    The Specifics - Housing, Farming, and Labor Points

    • Labor Points
      • I'll first quickly explain labor points as this is a major concern with current players. Labor points are essentially what is used to make the game free-to-play, while attempting to attract subscribers. Labor points have a cap of 5,000, and slowly build up from 0 when you first make a character. Labor points are also shared between all characters on an account, on a specific server (if you have characters on 2 different servers, they aren't shared, but if you have 2 characters on the same server, they will share the same labor points pool). Labor points are basically used to do nearly everything in the game, though some parts are being reworked, most specifically quest rewards. Currently, quest rewards are unidentified items, sort of like a legendary drop in Diablo. When you receive the item, you must spend 5 labor points to identify it and give it its stats -- the item also has a chance at being higher quality (the standard colors are in play, green for standard magical item, blue for higher quality, purple, orange, yellow, etc. -- there are a TON of quality levels). Anyway, the 5 labor points to identify an item is supposed to be going away in a future patch. You also must use labor points to open the "pouches" you get from enemies -- it takes anywhere from 1 labor, up to 3-5, depending on the level of the pouch (gold and item levels in the pouch increase as the pouch level increases) -- most pouches have gold, some have items, or crafting materials -- I do not believe that this aspect of the game is going away. Labor is also used to craft items, gather materials, craft tax certificates (used to pay for housing), among other things. It is an important resource. Currently (though this is also being looked into) your standard free-to-play account regenerates 5 labor every 5 minutes while online, and 0 when they are offline. A subscriber (Patron) regenerates 10 labor every 5 minutes while online, and 5 labor every 5 while offline. This is how they attempt to attract subscribers (there are other benefits to being a Patron I will explain later). You can gain 100-200 labor points every 12 hours, depending on bed quality, by sleeping in a bed -- you must own the bed. You can also purchase a "worker's compensation" potion for a set amount of credits (real money), or loyalty points (patron points, will discuss later) that restores 1000 labor, and can only be used once every 12 hours.
    • Houses and Farms
      • Housing exists in ArcheAge, but it is reserved for Patrons (subscribers) only. While this sounds terrible, it is not as bad as it sounds, as houses and farms have privilege options that can be set. An example, all of my housing currently on the Omega server is set for "guild", so anyone in the guild can enter my house (I can set specific privileges on chests and items in the house house), or plant items on my property. Other options are "family", "private", and "public", privileges -- these are all self explanatory, other than "family", which is kind of a just strange friends list really. Houses and farms are important for a couple of reasons, for starters, a huge source of income is growing crops, trees, or other items on your property to either sell, or use to craft into other items to use, or again sell. There are also chances of getting rare items, such as "thunderstruck logs" -- this occurs when you plant a tree -- it has a chance of becoming "thunderstruck", which gives you a log that currently sells for anywhere from 400g-1000g, and is also used to craft useful items (farm wagons, race cars, etc.). Houses are able to be "marked", which allows you to cast a portal spell and gate directly inside of it. Houses currently cannot be looted like the old UO days, or destroyed, unless the owner does not pay their taxes (though I believe on the northern continent of Auroria, slightly different rules apply in regards to destruction, as guilds own the land up there). As already mentioned, houses are payed for by tax certificates -- you create these at your houses and farms. The larger the house, the more tax certificates you need to pay for it. Houses have a set number of certificates required to pay for them, until you own more than 3, after that the payments become exponentially larger. I currently pay about 100 certificates a week for my land -- it takes 200 labor to make 5 certificates. I generally logon and make about 25 when my labor is capped and I easily make my weekly payments. Houses are purchased with a currency called "gilda", that is acquired through the major questline as you level, daily quests, and trade/tradepacks (discussed later). You are given a small farm, and a large farm through quests for free, though they do require tax certificates to place and maintain. You can also sell land/houses in-game.
    • Farming
      • Farming in ArcheAge is a huge part of the game, as it allows you to acquire the materials needed for tradepacks, crafting, and a way to make money aside from killing, looting, etc. Using a farm is fairly straight forward -- you buy seeds/sapling/livestock, you place it on your land, it grows, and you harvest. There are many different crops, trees, livestock, and structures that can be placed on your land. It costs no labor points to place an item, or crop/sapling -- but it does use labor points to harvest -- just like gathering random resources. As mentioned you are given 2 farms from questing, and you can purchased a "thatched farmhouse" for 50 gilda for even more land to plant on. Other housing options give more house than they do land -- so if it is land you want, rather than structure, a thatched is the way to go. You can see the housing and farming options here: and can see what they look like here:

    The Specifics - Boats, Vehicles, and Mounts/Pets/Gliders

    • Boats
      • One of the more fun aspects of the game, in my opinion, is sailing. There are a handful of different boat options -- most people start with a simple clipper (you can see some of the fun we had with our Harpoon Clippers in our ArcheAge gallery -- we basically harpooned ourselves on to land, etc.) but there are many other options -- including warships, trade ships, submarines, and "The Black Pearl" -- the fastest ship in the game, but it is a rare drop from the pirate raid boss. The way boats, and other vehicles work in the game -- is through a summon. You get a scroll once you have build your boat, and you can use that scroll to summon and unsummon it - you can leave it summoned and exit it, but people can then take your boat (you can then just unsummon it, so long as you are not using a boat with build in tradepack transport -- it will NOT let you unsummon a boat or vehicle that is currently carrying tradepacks -- thus allowing people to steal an unattended boat and take the tradepacks themselves. Because of this, when using a boat for actual trading and shipping, you must guard it. Boats can be destroyed, though not permanently -- depending on the size, you can craft or purchase an item that repairs it, over time, if it is destroyed. This item takes more time depending on the size of the vehicle -- a small clipper takes 10 minutes, I am unsure how long the larger ships take. Naval warfare does exist in the game -- boats come with certain defenses, as well as cannons (some) and other means of attack. The harpoon slipper is basically the equivalent of a Somali Pirate boat -- it is very fast and easy to destroy, but you can harpoon the back of a boat and pull yourself up and board their ship. You can also get a clipper with a cannon, but they are useless. You can also scuba dive from boats with air tanks, etc. -- it is a lot of fun. They are adding more open water in an upcoming patch, which should make boats even more enjoyable.
    • Vehicles
      • Not only do boats exist in the game, but so do other forms of land transportation. There are tanks and siege equipment, race cars, and vehicles used for hauling. A farm wagon for example can be used to carry 5 tradepacks (4 on the wagon, one on your back) and moves considerably faster than other modes of transportation for carrying packs by land. It is necessary if you have a merchant ship, otherwise you will take forever to unload all the packs from your ship. The farm wagon can be upgraded with a special ticket to a farm hauler, which carries 7 packs (6, plus one on your back) -- you can also pack people on top of or on the farm hauler and carry even more packs like in this screenshot: Vehicles can be destroyed just like boats, and like ships, they can be stolen if you have packs stored on them -- as this will prevent you from unsummoning the vehicle.
    • Mounts
      • Mounts are similar to mounts in any other game, except they have skills -- though I don't tend to use the skills on them in any real combat, other than sprint. You will be given your first mount (assuming this doesn't change) around level 10 for free. Mounts too can be killed, but not permanently -- they can be healed at a stable master, or by special potions. Mounts level up as you kill things and use them -- gaining more hp and skills. Mounts also are able to wear special armor made for mounts that increase their stats, speed, etc. Additionally, there are special mounts you can level up or work for that are faster than others. Currently there are 5-6 different "types" of mounts -- IE horses, snowlions, some other stuff. As well as the donkey (increases speed while carrying a pack). You can also be dismounted from specific attacks -- you are however able to mount while in combat, there are no limitations -- but in PvP, your mount is much of the time the first thing they target to make sure you cannot escape. For further information:
    • Pets
      • There are both battle pets, and non-battle pets in game -- anyone can have either of them. Battle pets work like a Hunter's pet would in WoW -- they level up, can wear armor, attack, get new skills, etc. You cannot however have a pet and a mount out at the same time -- it is either one or the other. So far I have only acquired one pet that you automatically get from a quest in you mid-lower 20s. There are other pets, and even rare pets that can be acquired, both battle, and non-battle.
    • Gliders
      • There are no flying mounts in ArcheAge, instead, there are "gliders" -- which allow limited travel by air, and work best when used from a higher height. Gliders also have certain skills that can be used (some drop bombs, some glide while stealthed, etc.) -- you cannot glide while in combat, and you cannot glide while a tradepack is equipped. Gliders can be upgraded, or more rare of expensive ones can be purchased that will glide faster, or stay in the air longer, or even be more maneuverable.

    The Specifics - PvP and Piracy

    • PvP
      • PvP in ArcheAge is primarily all open-world PvP. Arenas do exist, but they are not nearly as popular as simply going out and killing other people. Same faction killing IS allowed in ArcheAge, but will leave to a person becoming a "pirate" in time -- being a pirate is the equivalent of being a "red" in UO. Some zones are safe zones -- there are only safe zones on the East and West continents -- the north zone, Auroria, has no safe zones, and open water also has no safe zones. In a safe zone, you cannot be attacked as long as you are in your own factions safe zones. Pirates can be attacked anywhere. In the PvP zones there are rules -- there are levels of war that increase the more killing that happens in that zone. The levels go from 1, to 5, after 5 the zone goes into war for about an hour, and then there is a peace period following where the zone becomes a "peaceful" zone where people cannot fight. At level 1 you cannot kill others of your faction unless you are a pirate -- I'm not sure when that stops, but at higher levels it is a free-for-all. The game also grants honor, among other prices for participating in PvP. There are no rewards for killing (ie, gold drops, loot) other than honor, which can be used to purchase items and armor/weapons.
    • Piracy
      • Piracy occurs when you reach 3,000 criminal points. These points can be acquired through killing, assaulting, or stealing other people's property (you can plant crops outside of your own property -- you just risk them being stolen by others). When you become a pirate, the NPCs of the East and West continents will no longer speak to you. Some guards will attempt to kill you, and you become fair game for anyone to attack at any time without consequence -- thus, it is important to NOT go pirate until you are prepared, and have friends to follow along and help. Pirates are exempt from some rules, such as not being able to attack the same faction in danger level 1 PvP zones, because when you go pirate, you become a whole new factions to itself. You will no longer see your old factions chat, or anything -- piracy is basically the 3rd faction of the game, but it is one you cannot start the game on. Currently, you cannot be in the same guild/work with the opposing factions races, even when you are a pirate -- IE, one person starts off west and goes pirate, another starts east and goes pirate -- you will not be able to communicate with the person from the east, despite both now being in the "pirate faction".
    • Castles/Sieges
      • In Auroria it is possible for a guild to lay claim to a land, and build a castle, and tax people who build on their land. I do not know a whole lot about exactly how this works currently, other than the fact that it requires A LOT of people to handle it. A guild can lose the land if they are sieged -- which are scheduled, like in Shadowbane, and occur on Sunday afternoons. For a siege to happen, an opposing guild must purchase the siege scroll from the auction house, which starts at a bid of 500 gold. Guilds are able to purchase their own siege scrolls to prevent sieges. If a siege does occur, the battle will start with 70 attackers, and 50 defenders -- after 30 minutes, 20 more defenders are allowed to join the fight. The goal for the attackers is to break through the wall and destroy the crystal, which flips the spawn points making the attackers spawn in the castle, and the defenders spawn outside. Once this occurs, the attackers must channel on the tower for 5 minutes uninterrupted, if this occurs, the attacking team wins. I'm not currently sure what the time limit is on a siege. More information can be found at:

    The Specifics - Trading and Tradepacks

    • Trading
      • Trading is an important part of ArcheAge -- trading is done by carrying tradepacks (explained in a moment) from one area, to a specific NPC in another port or area. The further you carry the pack, or the riskier the zones you have to travel through, the greater the reward. Rewards range from Gilda (currency to buy houses, boats, etc.), gold, or items (stabilizers) -- depending on the NPC that you turn the pack in to. The stabilizers are an important part of crafting specific oils and polishes that are used to craft armor, which is what makes them valuable, Gilda and gold are self-explanatory. Trading within your own continent can only yield gold, you must take your tradepack to the opposing continent, or two Freedich Island or one of the other areas if you wish to receive Gilda or stabilizers as your reward.
    • Tradepacks
      • Tradepacks are the items you create and carry to another trading destination. They are generally made by items you grow and harvest from your farm -- which again is part of the reason why having land and managing a farm is important. When carrying a tradepack, you move INSANELY slow -- that is where mounts and vehicles come in handy -- farm haulers, donkey's, farm wagons can all move at a decent speed while carrying a pack. You can also sail a boat while carrying one, and certain ships come with tradepack storage (again, boats etc CAN be stolen while they have tradepacks in storage, because it will prevent you from unsummoning the ship) such as the Merchant ship (20 pack storage), and the Cutter (4 pack storage). When you are carrying a tradepack, a giant X is basically placed upon you -- people will sit in ports, hide along popular routes, and do whatever it takes to try and kill you and take that pack if they can. If someone kills you and takes your pack, they will receive 80% of its value when they turn in it, the person who created the pack originally will receive 20%. This is where having lots of people comes in handy, as you can mass produce packs and run in fleets with Merchant ships and Cutters to protect the Merchant ships. Successful trading and tradepack turn ins are a good way to make money early on in the game -- this is something I will explain more in the private write-up -- so we can get early trading started and build up gold.


     The Specifics - Equpment and Crafting

    • Professions
      • There are quite a few professions in the game, and currently (though I hear that you will eventually be able to master them all) you can only master 15 of them (there are 21 professions). Raising some professions is very difficult -- while others, such as mining and logging, are much easier. Raising a skill above 10,000 allows you to upgrade it to the next level of improvement. Once reaching 20,000 in a skill, you will start to see improvements (shorter gather time, better quality items when gathering, etc.).  You initially can only have 2 items at the master level. You can purchase a "specialization snowflake" for gold, that increases ALL of your levels of crafting proficiency by 1. For example, starting off you can only have 5 skills at novice, 4 at veteran, 3 at expert, and 2 as master. If you purchase a snowflake, ALL of these go up by one -- 6 novice, 5 vet, 4 expert, 3 master. You are able to do this 13 time currently, maxing yourself at 15 master professions. For more information:
    • Crafting
      • The best gear in the game is acquired through crafting. Crafting is done like most games, by gathering the required ingredients and making the item -- most, if not all, parts of crafting require the use of labor points. There are items in the game called Archeum and Lunarite. Archeum (motes, dust, shards, crystals, etc.) is used to craft weapons, armor, and necks/rings/earrings. It comes in 3 forms, Sunlight (weapons), Moonlight (armor), and Starlight (accessories) -- currently, acquiring archeum is very difficult in game, but that is something that is being worked on. The ways on acquiring archeum vary, and that is something that will be discussed in my private write-up. Lunarite is the other form of material that can be acquired, lunarite (in its various forms) is used with other materials to create "lunastones", which are basically gems -- they very much replicate gems in WoW, but have some new attributes and abilities that are actually somewhat useful (IE, swimspeed).
    • Crafting Equipment
      • Armor and weapons are crafted by using archeum, as mentioned above. Once you craft an item, it has a chance at being various qualities and varying stats (much like Diablo 3 before they recently patched it) -- as you make your way up the scale, you take your previous level, lets say for example level 20 items, and you upgrade it with more ingredients to create a level 30 item. The majority of the time you are not creating new items, you are upgrading your old. It takes A LOT of materials to reach the upper tiers.
    • Other Equipment
      • There are other means of acquiring equipment, a lot of which is really good until you are finally able to craft into those upper tiers. Dungeons drop gear, of varying quality -- just like crafting an item or "identifying" a reward, the drops from dungeons can drop in varying degrees of quality. One run you may get a chest piece that is green, and the next run the same piece drops but is purple quality. There are also raids (though not many currently, but I believe more are being added, and most are open-world raids) in which gear can drop. I will further discuss where, and what drops in these dungeons in the private write-up. There are also good weapons and helms from specific quests that you run through, these will also be listed in the private section later this weekend.

    The Specifics - PvE, Dungeons, and Raids

    • PvE/Dungeons
      • I'll be honest and admit that I do not know a ton about the dungeons and the PvE in general currently.  I do know where to go for the better items at 50, but other than that I did not focus on any PvE in the alpha (Pandastar did some, I will get more information from him and add it to the private write-up). What I can say, is that there are dungeons, all of which are currently instanced (rumor of non-instanced dungeons coming one day) -- a list can be seen here: -- though it appears that is not a complete list, as I know of at least two dungeons not on that list. Either way, currently the level of dungeons is low, for those seeking hardcore PvE content, it is not currently there.
    • Raids
      • As for raids, again, I do not know very much. I know that a few exist, and a few are in the works. Currently I know of the Kraken, and the Pirate Captain -- which are two world bosses (there are also random low level world bosses that you find from time to time -- like the big Firelord looking dude outside of Windshade in Lilyut). I know that the lack of this content is being addressed, but, currently the main focus of the game is fighting and crafting -- very UO-esque.

    The Specifics - Patron Status (Subscriptions)

    • Patron Status
      • Patron status is basically a "subscription" -- being a patron improves your rate of labor gain, it increases your xp gain by 10%, and allows you to own land. You also generate loyalty points (5 per day) that can be used to purchase various items from the loyalty store. It is completely optional, and you are able to play without it. The biggest painful aspect is the reduced labor gain (none patrons get 5 labor per 5 online, 0 labor offline, though this can be circumvented), and the other is the inability to own land. That being said, if you have nice friends who are Patrons, they can simply set their land to be accessible by guild, friends, family, etc. and you are still able to use land that way.
    • Loyalty Points
      • Loyalty points are points you earn for logging in each day while you are a patron, 5 per day is what you earn. You can buy various items in the Loyalty Store with these points, some more useful than others, but it is something.


    Please feel free to ask questions, or comment and let me know if there is something you would like to see added to this write-up. I tried to add a lot off the top of my head, but I know I forgot some items. And to be honest, towards the end of the write-up I began to rush and was not as thorough seeing as how the release is in less than 2 weeks and I have a lot of planning to do. I have no issues with adding to it, or answering any questions if anyone has any.

  • ArcheAge Release

    The ArcheAge release date has been announced. September 16th is the official release, with head start beginning the Friday before on September 12th for those who preorder. Open beta starts on Thursday, September 4th. I highly recommend that anyone who hasn't tried it to check it out.

    You can also checkout my write-up, at

    I will be going around contacting people and trying to take roll call for release -- I know SiN and DDH are both going to be playing, so we may see about some kind of alliance, or merger, depending on our numbers. Over the weekend I will create a private area for me to add a private write-up -- one that will help people get started and formulate our strategy. Myself and Pandastar are working as I write this to come up with our plan of attack.

    After checking with other guilds and seeing what their plan is, we will discuss and announce a server. I think they are going to put up a server list tomorrow, but they already announced that the beta servers would be re-purposed as retail servers with the same names at release, so we know at least SOME of the server names currently.

    Also, if we end up playing on our own, non-merged tag, I may name us Shadows of Britannia, just for fun.

  • ArcheAge Server: Tahyang

    We are rolling on Tahyang, West side. There was a lot of conversation regarding doing this, but we came up with a decent plan. Inquire in the forums for more information.

  • Black Desert Online

    Anyone interested in Black Desert Online?


    It looks like both SiN and DDH will be playing this -- I saw it a while back and it looked cool -- reminded me of a Guild Wars 2 mixed with ArcheAge (without the trade packs and sea warfare, etc.).

    I'm hesitant because there are no healing classes in the game, which I feel detracts from both PvP and PvE, since there is no X factor keeping a small group alive while it wrecks people -- instead everyone has to rely on their own healing abilities.

    That being said, it still looks decent -- the graphics look great, the combat system looks pretty good. There is open world PvP, and it looks like large sieges, etc.


    I think Rel beta or alpha or something tested this game a while back -- but I never heard his thoughts on it.


    • Buy then free-to-play -- hopefully the cash shop isn't stupid.
    • Cool graphics.
    • It's a game and we're all probably bored.
    • Cheap? If you want a 1 day head start, it's $30, 2 days is $50, 4 days is $100 -- plus you get some other items. Not sure what the final price will be once head start is over.


    • It costs money and could suck.
    • No healers.
    • I haven't played it so I don't really know.


    I haven't put a lot of time into checking out everything about the game yet, so if someone else has some input to help me, or anyone else make a decision -- feel free to chime in.

    For more information:

  • First Month Update - ArcheAge

    Tomorrow will mark exactly one month since the first day of the ArcheAge head start, and a lot has happened over the course of that month.  We have continued to grow, recruit, and build -- we have made friends, and enemies (mostly enemies), and have even been accused of exploiting and made it to the Tahyang forums.




    We successfully made a trade run with our allies in the East, and ran many of our own trade packs all over the world, as well as successfully purchased and built a Merchant ship, and a Galleon (Junk/Cutter).

    Our base in Two Crowns has become much more operational over the course of the month -- we were finally able to get buildings moved around and get our Thatched houses and large farms up and working again. We have also began our conquest of a small island, slowly, but surely, we will own it.

    Over the next month we plan to push further, acquiring more ships for our fleet, continuing to gear up, and run more successful trade pack runs like our 60 packs in about an hour and a half the other night. Within the month we should see the release of Auroria and new lands opening up in the northern area of the map which should create additional entertainment.

    This being said, we we will need to continue recruiting and growing -- we are entering the first month phase which will see a drop in numbers because of the usual first month players who give up after about a month. I finally created a guild crest for actual advertisement, if anyone is interested.

    As far as the game in general goes, it continues to be fun -- with a few issues here and there that the company is resolving. Queues are gone, as well as most server character creation restrictions. Server stability still has issues from time to time, but all in all, it is generally not anything to complain about.

    For those of you still holding out and haven't checked the game out:

    The game is free to download, and free to play, with an optional "Patron" (subscription) package. You can find us on the Tahyang server, on the Western faction (Nuian or Elves). You can also find us on our Teamspeak server -- contact someone for details.

  • Head Start Ends, Release Begins

    After a fairly successful head start weekend, today is the official release day for ArcheAge. Anyone wishing to join us can do so for free by downloading the client and creating an account.

    We can be found on the Tahyang server, in the west faction (Nuian or Elf).

    This being said, we were able to claim a decent amount of land in the area where we wished to place, and also got our house placed on SiN island. We had a guild named IRON place in the same area, but we got a lot of what we wanted, and we will keep an eye out over time and see if we can claim more. In the coming days we will begin to shift around buildings, drop farms, come up with a layout that we want for our housing, and begin to complete housing -- as well as seeing if we can free up any extra space for a few extra 16x16s. For those curious where we have made "base", it is in the very NE corner of Two Crowns, right on the water, just around the corner from Cinderstone.

    We have had a decent showing thus far, with around 25 people showing up for head start if I had to estimate. We hope that with the game now being open to all for free that we see many more in the coming days showing up. We are rolling on the Saecula tag, and you can contact me on Nothxu, Dedrater, Spermy, or Plzandthxu in game (I'm generally on Nothxu).

  • Operation Auroria

    Auroria releases today, which means that continent is about to be zerged with Oran'Thul. As everyone knows, we are assisting SiNister in acquiring a castle in Auroria -- but they are not the only guilds that we are assisting on both the East and the West. This is going to be a combined effort, and for a few days we need to put feuds and other things aside, and prevent the server from being ruined. We will not be attacking any greens (West) unless attacked first (we will see what Arcadian Guard decides to do), and certain red (East) guilds should be left alone also. After castles have been claimed, things will return to normal.

    For more information, check this thread:

  • Saecula