• Chat

  • Chat returns, what are people up to?

    Not really much of a news article, but after a long absence I have begun to add a new chat/shoutbox module.

    I'm still adding features and getting things working the way I want, so it may be a while before it is fully functioning, but as it stands right now, it at least works. You can find it and mess around with it in the lower right corner. I know the site has been dead for a little while since we haven't been actively gaming together in any MMORPGs or anything -- but it is there for everyone to try and break and find bugs in. I've fixed quite a few but I know there are some remaining, as well as some formatting left to do.

    Let me know if there are any features you would like to see added, also.

    More news and articles to come in the near future -- BlackBelt has been asking me to make some updates regarding Star Citizen now that it is progressing along.

    It has been dead out with no real games to play -- what has everyone been up to?

  • Discord

    So I'm trying out a new voice chat setup, called Discord.

    It seems pretty nice. I setup a widget for people to use to try and connect with -- feel free to mess with it by clicking connect and setting up an account -- and seeing how things go.

    I'm still learning how this works, but so far it seems like a pretty decent setup, and once the API is ready, I could potentially set it up so the chat on the website is integrate with the chat in Discord. It has chat channels like IRC, as well as voice channels -- SiN is apparently using this.

    You can have multiple channels open at once too, which is nice, IE I'm connected to my Saecula channel I created, and the SiN channel. It apparently has a pretty decent mobile app too, check it out.


    Or click the widget on the main page.