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  • Ashes of Creation

    Ashes of Creation

    An upcoming game, Ashes of Creation, has recently started it's Kickstarter campaign. Check the news article for more information.
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  • Join us on Discord! The site doesn't get updated or used often at all now that it has been rendered obsolete by Discord. We'd love for any and all who have ever gamed with us to join us Read More
  • Changes Coming... Changes coming in 2020... We're approaching 25 years since this guild was formed on Kali in 1995. I think it's time for a site revamp in my spare time. While we aren't as active Read More
  • Ashes of Creation A new upcoming MMO is in pre-production, with basically a working prototype created, that looks like it could be quite promising. It is a ways off from release, right now speculation has Alpha phase Read More
  • It's that time of year again... You know what I'm talking about... Read More
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